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The bone yard reunion

If everything fits together it will be a 200-million-year-old reunion. Two pieces of fossilised bone belonging to the same dinosaur brought together after eons of erosion, geological upheavals and scores of ice ages. The fossil looks like any piece of … Continue reading

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Even T-Rex had his problems

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The Druid

The words from an exhibit by artist Willem Boshoff. The Druid, as he is known, gave a walkabout at Setups and Upsets, his solo exhibition at Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, Johannesburg University. The artist who is known for … Continue reading

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Big game in Kensington

mario Kudu in Kensington, bush pig on Queen street. But you need to look hard to spot this game, squint at that white board in the Gema Trattoria & Pizzeria restaurant. There listed in the day’s specials is Kensington’s best … Continue reading

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The ancient art studio

What they found could have been a prehistoric make up palette, left by an ancient beautician 100000 years ago. Scientists aren’t too sure what the contents of the two abalone shells were used for, but what they do know is … Continue reading

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The counting begins

Shortly after midnight this morning this baby was born at the Chris Hani Baragwanath hospital. Minutes later she became one of the first South Africans to be counted in the 2011 Census. And she has the baby grow to prove … Continue reading

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A couple of pictures from our KwaZulu Natal trip

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Mmmm, hi my name is…

It is that first blog entry. That feeling of standing up in front of an audience and wondering what do I say next. The silence from the readers, and me wondering if my fly is open or in this case, … Continue reading

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