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Charlotte Maxeke trauma ward were this evening they have had three stabbings and two fire cracker injuries. One guy broke his leg while been piggy backed by a friend. He fell badly. A fire cracker injury

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Two victims of the fireworks on Grayson drive a pair of dogs, mad with fear

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Happy new year

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The only criminal activity so far. A man mistakens me for a cop in Hillbrow and starts telling me his woeful tale. His sister’s boyfriend had beaten him up. The way he tells me I first thought that he was … Continue reading

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The rain wins. Only the brave head into the deluge to light fire crackers that explode and shake Miriam Makeba street in old Chinatown. The homeless in blanketed rows on the pavement, try and sleep through it all. wet Chinatown

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At The Star preparing to head out. This is Antoine de Ras, the photographer. We both have this strange sense that something is going to happen. Hope it is apprehension and nothing else. Outside lightning on the horizon is competing … Continue reading

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New Year’s eve shift

The Joburg Jol, over the top, alcohol fueled and always with an element of danger. Throw in a reason to party and it could go anywhere. Tonight the police have the City of Johannesburg (Joburg) in lock down. In the … Continue reading

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Behind the happy hours and the trout, there lies a secret

Dullstroom is a fishing town with a drinking problem, is how a car bumper sticker sums up this Mpumalanga highland dorp. But behind Tipsy Tuesday, at the Dullstroom Inn, and the other daily happy hour promotions that blare out in … Continue reading

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Big fat Joburg

Vanity plates, cars the size of tugboats and egos bigger than orbiting planets. That is Joburg baby but then the men and women of this mining town have always had an inflated sense of importance, as writer Herman Charles Bosman … Continue reading

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