The end of the New Year’s eve shift. Rain is falling, which is probably what kept the fatalities and injuries to a minimum this year. We will only know in a day or so, if this is correct.
In the trauma ward, they have a tradition. For every patient resuscitated they pop a balloon. At 2am, Antoine was allowed to pop balloon number four for the night.
Their record is 24 for the night.
The patient arrived having been badly beaten and stabbed multiple times. He was just one of several casualties of tonight’s jol. A small number everybody said. “You should have seen it years ago, it is nothing like it is today,” said a doctor. He said it probably had to do with better policing and the rain. I am tired, so with that, it is good night and happy new year.

About Shaun Smillie

Journalist, with a love of bones, fossils and other things dug up. Fisherman and occasional beer maker.
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