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Crime stories and tales cops tell

Empty bullet casings litter Sauer street, blue lights flash and a dejected robber sits handcuffed in the back of a police van. Cops and robbers had had a shoot out in the centre of Johannesburg, two people injured and a … Continue reading

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Car Parks and the mystery of the Peking Man

For 60 years the Peking Man fossils have remained missing. The Chinese government has offered a reward, researchers have tried to work out what happened and hoaxers pushed their luck. Nothing. But now an old US marine’s tale has provided … Continue reading

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How the Martians invaded earth and became us.

Just maybe we have been visited by aliens, and perhaps we are them. Last week I interviewed Dr Suzanne Young who worked on NASA’s 2007 Phoenix mission to Mars. This was a probe that landed near the Martian north pole … Continue reading

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World War one remembered

This week a century ago an unknown Bosnian Serb shot a prince and triggered the worst conflict the world had yet seen. It involved millions and families still hold tell me down stories from loved ones that fought in this … Continue reading

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Why the cop wanted to beat the journalist

“You sh*t, how could you have done that, do you know the trouble you got me in.” The policeman was angry, and I didn’t know why. What I did know was that somehow I had made a blabs. They happen … Continue reading

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Vultures’ human feast throws out forensic investigations.

For long time US forensic investigators thought they had the low down on all there is to know about human decay. By taking into consideration temperature, insect activity and weather conditions they believed they could compute just how long it … Continue reading

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Crime scene belly laughs

A shoot out on Alexandra’s East Bank. A couple of bad guys hit a business in nearby Kew then high tailed to a flat on South Africa Boulevard. The problem, the flying squad were right behind and they soon had … Continue reading

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A hop field I am on a beer manufacturing tour at the moment so here are a couple of interesting facts about the nectar of the gods. -Do you know that it takes 155 liters of water to make one … Continue reading

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