How the Martians invaded earth and became us.

Just maybe we have been visited by aliens, and perhaps we are them.

Last week I interviewed Dr Suzanne Young who worked on NASA’s 2007 Phoenix mission to Mars. This was a probe that landed near the Martian north pole looking for water. It found water, that all giver of life.

Featured Image of NASA

Featured Image of NASA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Young is a strong believer that the Red planet harbours life and these little critters were probably tougher than we think. So tough in fact they could survive space travel.

NASA has done the tests.

“They have found that if a microbe is just 10 cm inside a rock, it can survive space travel and even the burn of entering the atmosphere,” Young told me.

It is findings like this that some scientists say supports a theory known as Transpermia,

The idea behind Transpermia is that microbes catch rides on meteorites to other planets like earth. Sort of like a lizard hopping onto a coconut and crossing the ocean from one island to another.

How this would have worked on Mars is that a meteorite slams into the planet, kicks up a whole lot of rocks into space. These rocks, with microbes inside, become meteorites themselves travelling through space. The meteorite eventually reaches earth where the microbes establish themselves and begin that game called evolution.

They might have even been the first, the first life on planet earth. These micro organisms seed earth, they evolve and eventually there we are interplanetary beings.

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