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The world’s oldest use of poison

And the embargo breaks…scientists can now reveal that they have found the world’s oldest known use of poison. Traces of ricin were discovered on a 20000-year-old wooden stick that was excavated at Border Cave in Kwa Zulu-Natal, South Africa. The … Continue reading

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A little crime scene humour, or humor to my American friends

Spotted at a crime scene, on the bumper of a South African Police Service’s forensics vehicle.

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Mandela’s lost interview.

With all things Mandela today, with the world celebrating the icon’s 94th birthday, here is a recently discovered article that was written about him. Journalist Peter Hazelhurst interviewed Mandela in May 1961 while the leader was in hiding. It was … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Ancientfoods:
Topic: Bark used to make flour The article below is fasinating it goes to show just how far man will go to feed himself as well as preserve nature around him. The mysterious scars on ancient…

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More pictures from the Dawid Kruiper funeral

This gallery contains 9 photos.

Some more pics snapped on my Blackberry from my time up in the Northern Cape province covering the Dawid Kruiper funeral. Enjoy.          

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Scientists reveal the development of a world first open access laboratory.

It is just your normal CT scanner sitting in a hospital but it has allowed scientists to peer into a big lump of rock and discover some of the rarest fossils in the world. Tonight in Shanghai China a group … Continue reading

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Hope lies broken in desert sand

This is an op ed piece I wrote on the San Bushmen. I met Jan van der Westhuizen who sees a world filled with spirits and believes if we return to nature we will become a better people. It is nice to know there are still people like that around. … Continue reading

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Even the famous chimps led sad lives.

When Nikki was rescued by the Jane Goodall Institute, he was found dressed like a little boy. He had on a gold watch, was wearing denim shorts, and carrying a suitcase with a change of clothes.   The chimpanzee was … Continue reading

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The state funeral of Dawid Kruiper

This gallery contains 8 photos.

Dawid Kruiper was laid rest on Saturday amongst the red dunes of the Kalahari. He was famous for helping orchestrate a historic land claim for the Bushmen. Through his efforts the Khomani San were given six huge farms, that total … Continue reading

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