The state funeral of Dawid Kruiper

Dawid Kruiper was laid rest on Saturday amongst the red dunes of the Kalahari. He was famous for helping orchestrate a historic land claim for the Bushmen. Through his efforts the Khomani San were given six huge farms, that total over 38000 hectares in size.

The picture of the man himself Dawid Kruiper. Behind him dignatories and Bushmen in traditional garb. Picture Antoine de Ras

The state recognised Dawid contribution to his people and honoured him with a state funeral.

These are a couple of photographs from the day.

Funeral service for Dawid Kruiper born 01/09/1935, died 13/06/2012 at Andriesvale in the Northern Cape . Picture Antoine de Ras

A traditionalist bushman, at Dawid Kruiper’s funeral. Picture Antoine de Ras

Pic by Antoine de Ras

Traditional leaders walk ahead of Dawid Kruiper’s coffin during the funeral procession. Pic by Antoine de Ras

A bushman jumps out of Dawid Kruiper’s grave after moving the coffin into a cavity cut into the side of the grave.

The home of Hendrik Kruiper, Dawid’s brother


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2 Responses to The state funeral of Dawid Kruiper

  1. anoeschka von meck says:

    What happened at Dawid Kruiper’s “state funeral” was a disgrace – most of his clan sat outside in the shadow of the state officials’ luxury vehicles – the very same government departments that wouldn’t give them the time of day were now suddenly all ready to pay that great man ‘homage.’ What a farce! Dawid always said he wanted to be wrapped in skins and returned to the soil from whence he came – a cement grave with an ANC emblem BIGGER than Dawid’s name is the last disrespect. Had they any compehension or insight they would also not have brought in huge scrapers to ‘clear’ the road for their expensive charade to come crashing into that beautiful and sensitive environment. When the left, they also took their toilets and water tanks, once again leaving the Khomani with nothing. Actions speak louder than words. Anoeschka von Meck

    • I would agree with you. I was there, and is so typical with any high profile funeral in South Africa politicians and other cronies pitch up to showboat.
      I have covered a lot exhumations in South Africa, involving the Missing Persons Task team. They have been mandated with finding those that went missing during Apartheid. At these funerals, you have politicians taking the podium grabbing as much of the media spot light as possible. In the corner is the family of the deceased, almost forgotten and trying to deal with the trauma of the event.
      I hope as time passes, and we evolve as a country we will see less of this.

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