Those mystery predators and the man who finds them

Dr Adam Yates has a knack for finding monsters.

In the northern Free State, in South Africa a couple of years ago he was part of the dig team that found a 10 cm long serrated fang, that belonged to a shadowy predator.

This toothy beast was perhaps seven metres long.

Dr Adam Yates with the fang that belonged to Carnivore X

No one knows what this predator was and Adam gave it the name Carnivore X.

One day he hopes to find the rest of its bones and introduce it to the world of science.

Fortunately for the farmers and their sheep in the area, it lived millions of years ago.

Now Adam has set up shop in Alice Springs in Australia and according to the local press he still has the knack.

Digging at a place called

Alcoota Scientific Reserve, about 160 kilometres northeast of Alice Springs, Adam and other paleontologists recently discovered a fossilized claw, 18 centimetres long.

Mystery claw, the Ossie media declared.

The Claw
pic by Caddie Brain

“My god it’s so big!” Adam is quoted to have said

Adam told the media he had not idea what was. It might have belonged to ancient giant bird or a reptile.

So what would have happened if the Claw and Carnivore X ever met?

I am sure its a fight that would have made one of those Godzilla vs Mothra duels, look like a pair of puppies playing in the sand.

Who would win?

We will only now that when the likes of Adam find their bones, and we get an idea just how big and mean they really were.

About Shaun Smillie

Journalist, with a love of bones, fossils and other things dug up. Fisherman and occasional beer maker.
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