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Crime stories and tales cops tell

Originally posted on Smillie's People:
Empty bullet casings litter Sauer street, blue lights flash and a dejected robber sits handcuffed in the back of a police van. Cops and robbers had had a shoot out in the centre of…

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The archaeology of palaeontology

Verdigrised and old. These plates and screws once held fossils in place. They were put there by Edwardian scientists as they pieced together these giant bone jigsaws, that science then was just getting into. Some of these pieces of bent … Continue reading

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The Beryl street yoga club mystery

It goes like this Tweeta tweeta tweeta. No, throw back your lips and let that weeee go, so it comes out Tweeeeta tweeeta tweeeeta. Now you have the call of the mystery bird of Observatory. Always heard but never seen. … Continue reading

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The outlaws of the Nuweveld.

Long before the lion took to the Nuweveld mountains another outlaw hid out in these remote borderlands between the Northern and Western Cape. His name was Stefaans Coetzee and he was responsible for the Worcester mall bombings in 1995. According … Continue reading

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