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The Search for the Soldier Without a Name (Part 3) – Ten photographs

So here they are, ten photographs taken as trophies of war. Some of them are 79 years old, if the dates on the back of those photographs are correct. Black and white pictures that through the World Wide Web and … Continue reading

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Rock hard benches and telling it as it is for 300 years

The stenographer nodded off to sleep. No one could blame her, even in the public gallery the journalists were getting fidgety. Court benches became real hard when you sit on them for a couple of hours. Labour court isn’t as … Continue reading

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Premonitions of death in a fox hole

  Private Dick Borain went to war believing he was going to die. He was only 24, but could sense death waiting for him in the desert, outside of the dugout that he shared with my grandfather. Their dugout was … Continue reading

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