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The archaeology of palaeontology

Verdigrised and old. These plates and screws once held fossils in place. They were put there by Edwardian scientists as they pieced together these giant bone jigsaws, that science then was just getting into. Some of these pieces of bent … Continue reading

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In search of a prehistoric hamster

Today is the start of a journey that might just end with us discovering just how destructive our ancestors really were. Palaeontologist Dr Adam Yates is heading off to Darwin in Australia to find something that once looked like a … Continue reading

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Those mystery predators and the man who finds them

Dr Adam Yates has a knack for finding monsters. In the northern Free State, in South Africa a couple of years ago he was part of the dig team that found a 10 cm long serrated fang, that belonged to … Continue reading

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The bone yard reunion

If everything fits together it will be a 200-million-year-old reunion. Two pieces of fossilised bone belonging to the same dinosaur brought together after eons of erosion, geological upheavals and scores of ice ages. The fossil looks like any piece of … Continue reading

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